Sta-Dri for Cars

Why use Sta-Dri® in your car?

Using Sta-Dri in your car is essential for protecting its interior against common issues such as rust, mildew, and corrosion, especially during periods of storage or shipping. Moisture can significantly degrade the quality and functionality of your vehicle’s interior, leading to costly repairs and reduced vehicle longevity. By incorporating Sta-Dri, you create a barrier that actively prevents moisture buildup, ensuring your car remains in pristine condition even during long-term storage or transit. This simple preventative measure keeps your car’s interior looking and performing its best, safeguarding your investment.

  • Put Sta-Dri pouches on the seats, dashboard, in the trunk, and engine compartment.
  • Will not stain upholstery or interior.
Sports Cars 2 Large Packs
Passenger Cars 4 Large Packs
Large Vans 2-8 XL Packs
Motorcycles/Snowmobiles/ATVs 2 Large Packs