Sta-Dri for Boats


Sta-Dri desiccant packs are extremely useful for maintaining a dry and mildew-free environment on boats, where moisture levels can often be high due to the marine setting. These packs work by effectively absorbing excess humidity from the air, which is a common issue in enclosed spaces like cabins and storage areas on boats. The interior of your boat or yacht needs extra protection from mold and mildew while in storage during the winter. Recommended for the cabin and storage lockers for power boats and sail boats as well as kayaks.

Sta-Dri helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which can damage boat interiors and equipment. Additionally, Sta-Dri packs protect sensitive electronics and gear from moisture-related corrosion and degradation.

  • Keep valuable instruments and gauges free of rust and corrosion.
  • After you winterize the boat's engine, put Sta-Dri pouches inside the engine compartment.
  • Keep life preservers, cushions, and other marine gear free of mold and mildew all winter and throughout the boating season.

Note: For best performance, protected spaces should be closed up or sealed to prevent additional moisture.

18' to 20' 1-2 XL Packs
21' to 25' 2 XL Packs
26' to 28' 3 XL Packs
30' to 35' 4 XL Packs
36' to 40' 5 XL Packs